Where Can You Get a Maintenance Inspection in Knoxville & Clinton, TN?

Let A-Team tell you what needs fixing on your home

When was the last time your Tennessee home was examined by an expert? If it’s been more than a year or two, get in touch with A-Team Home Inspection today. Our inspector understands the ins and outs of your home’s most critical systems. He’ll look at every interior and exterior feature and make smart recommendations for growing your real estate investment. Call 865-755-6810 to schedule your Knoxville & Clinton, TN home inspection.

3 reasons to get a home maintenance inspection

3 reasons to get a home maintenance inspection

Clinton, TN’s A-Team Home Inspection can provide you with accurate information about your home’s condition. Here are three reasons to hire our inspector:

  • We’re more trustworthy than a general contractor. After all, our inspector isn’t trying to sell you anything!
  • We’re experienced. Our inspector has completed numerous maintenance inspections throughout Knoxville & Clinton Tennessee.
  • We’ll offer you a new perspective. If you’re in need of a second opinion, you can count on our inspector.

Call 865-755-6810 to schedule your residential maintenance inspection.